Planning and Scheduling

Stottler Henke’s intelligent scheduling systems automatically solve scheduling problems which are too difficult for traditional optimization or dispatch rule techniques. Compared to manual methods, intelligent scheduling lets you create schedules much more quickly, as well as run “what-if” studies to assess alternate scenarios. Stottler Henke offers intelligent scheduling software products and custom solutions based on its Aurora™ scheduling engine; as well as intelligent scheduling consulting to maximize client benefit.

Success Stories

Schedule Boeing B787 Factory Production
ViPER-CVW enables the Navy to enter, analyze, and review multi-aircraft mission plans rapidly and intuitively.

Navy Cruiser
The visual Mission Planning Application enables the Navy to develop routes and plans for submarines and surface ships quickly and effectively for the US Navy. More.

Schedule Boeing B787 Factory Production
The Boeing Company uses Aurora to prioritize production of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner™. Aurora’s dynamic assembly schedule adapts to real-time production variations, so Boeing can produce aircraft as efficiently as possible. More.

Navy Cruiser
Pfizer uses Aurora-ProPlan to create optimal schedules for pharmaceutical production. Aurora-ProPlan also is part of the Intellicentic consortium led by Pfizer to promote leading proven solutions that optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing. More.

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Aurora scheduled the use of floor space and other resources at the Space Station Processing Facility, the world’s largest low-particle clean room where Int’l Space Station components are prepared for flight. More.

Navy Cruiser
Schedulers working with the Air Force Satellite Control Network use the extremely rapid Managed Intelligent Deconfliction and Scheduling (MIDAS) system to generate 24-hour satellite schedules in just five minutes. More. 

Massachusetts General Hospital uses Aurora to schedule its Medical Residency
Aurora is used by Massachusetts General Hospital to schedule its medical residency program. Aurora reduces the time and effort needed to generate schedules, and provides better support for the hospital’s complex staffing needs. More.

Navy Cruiser
Aurora accelerates airplane assembly operations, enabling Bombardier Learjet to smoothly adjust to changes in production rate and component delivery dates. More.

Aurora-VT, designed for the automobile industry, optimizes crash test vehicles. More.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) uses Aurora to schedule Boeing 787 composite wing production. More.

Aurora helps Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI) schedule production of composite parts for the Boeing 787 More.

Navy Cruiser
The US Navy selected Aurora-CCPM™ software to schedule submarine maintenance operations at the Naval Submarine Support Facility (NSSF). More.

Navy Cruiser
Clipper Windpower selected Aurora to schedule the manufacturing of its Liberty series wind turbine, the largest wind turbine made in the United States. More.

IFAP supports high-level planning and detailed scheduling of activities performed aboard the International Space Station, using user-specified heuristics and scheduling constraints. More.

Navy Cruiser
For 18 years, Aurora/AMP generated short- and long-term schedules of ground-based space shuttle preparation and refurbishment activities before and after each flight. Rapid scheduling enabled NASA to analyze numerous what-if scenarios efficiently. AMP was ultimately retired, but only at the conclusion of the entire space shuttle program. More.


11.22 Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. attended the 2022 Maritime/Air Systems & Technologies – The Mediterranean: Laboratory for Naval Warfare in Athens, Greece to present the paper: Increased Submarine Production and Maintenance Throughput via Intelligent Scheduling.
07.20 Stottler Henke’s Aurora intelligent scheduling solution, is featured in the latest issue of Global Defense Technology, the article discusses the benefits for US Navy ship maintenance performance. 
06.20 Aurora scheduling system in Aerospace Tech Review.
03.20 Stottler Henke presented the paper Leveraging PHM in Conjunction with Intelligent Scheduling to Improve Manufacturing Resilience, at the 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference.
01.25.17 Stottler Henke Wins Contract to Support Operational Use of Aurora-KSC Scheduling System at NASA
09.16 Military Training International selects Stottler Henke as a Top 100 company in the military training industry.
06.16 Stottler Henke Associates, Inc and Intaver Institute Inc. announced that they have developed integration between Stottler Henke’s advanced intelligent scheduling and critical chain software, Aurora, and Intaver’s risk analysis and management software RiskyProject. Press Release
11.10.15 Stottler Henke’s Aurora-ProPlan for packaging processing scheduling at Pfizer featured in October 2015 issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
6.24.15 Stottler Henke attends the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2015 to introduce the latest version of Aurora-VT
4.22.15 Stottler Henke exhibits its Aurora-ProPlan solution for optimizing pharmaceutical packaging scheduling at INTERPHEX 2015 in New York City as part of the Intellicentic booth
10.24.14 Stottler Henke’s MIDAS deconfliction and scheduling software featured in Air Force Launch Stories
10.25.13 Pfizer selects Stottler Henke to join its Intellicentic™ pharmaceutical manufacturing technology consortium as an advanced scheduling solutions provider
6.7.12 Stottler Henke’s Aurora-CCPM selected to schedule maintenance operations at the world’s largest submarine base
4.24.12 Stottler Henke selected for the prestigious Tibbetts Award as an outstanding SBIR small business, in large part for developing/deploying AI technologies and solutions for planning and scheduling
10.26.11 Stottler Henke congratulates Boeing and All Nippon Airways on first commercial B787 Flight
10.25.11 Stottler Henke’s Aurora-CCPM selected as Aviation Week Innovation Challenge finalist
9.6.11 Clipper Windpower selects Aurora software to schedule wind turbine manufacturing
10.19.10 Massachusetts General Hospital selects Aurora software to schedule medical residents
10.0.09 Stottler Henke’s Aurora scheduling software featured in NASA Tech Briefs
3.30.09 U.S. Air Force awards contract to Stottler Henke to develop an intelligent scheduling system for the satellite control network
fall 08 Stottler Henke’s Aurora scheduling software featured in MDA Tech Update
3.14.08 Stottler Henke will present Aurora™ scheduling system at World’s Best Technologies Showcase
5.29.07 Boeing deploys advanced scheduling software developed by Stottler Henke to facilitate assembly of Boeing 787 Dreamliner
1.3.07 NASA showcases Stottler Henke Associates’ intelligent planning & scheduling system in new video