nasa2For the U.S. Department of Defense, advanced software systems and technologies for training, simulation, planning, scheduling, decision support, data mining, and knowledge management.


boeing3For NASA, systems and technologies for planning, scheduling and training. Our Aurora software schedules activities for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. video


us_dept_commerce11For Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Aurora-based software for scheduling Boeing 787 Dreamliner™ composite wing production.


lockheedmartin4Intelligent agent and automated performance assessment software that supports Lockheed Martin’s advanced training and decision support systems.


Intelligent agent and automated performance assessment that supports Northrop Grumman’s advanced training systems. more…


Learjet6For Bombardier Learjet, Aurora-based software for scheduling aircraft assembly operations.



For Alaska Airlines, Aurora-based software for scheduling pilot training.



For the United Space Alliance, Aurora is included in Temporis, a scheduling system planned for use by NASA crew members on board next generation spacecraft. more…



For Massachusetts General Hospital, Aurora-based software for scheduling medical personnel.



For New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry, Aurora-based software for dental student scheduling.




For the U.S. Department of Education, advanced learning technologies for math education.




For the U.S. Department of Energy, new technologies for high-reliability computing.




For the U.S. Department of Commerce, new technologies for knowledge management.