The Aurora™ intelligent planning and scheduling system combines a variety of scheduling techniques, intelligent conflict resolution, and automated decision support to generate schedules for complex problems more effectively than traditional scheduling systems, quickly and easily.


Aurora-CCPM combines the power and flexibility of Critical Chain Project Management with the Aurora™ intelligent planning and scheduling system.


DataMontage™ is a Java software library that presents information-dense arrays of timelines and time series graphs to enable rapid, interactive visual analysis of complex, time-oriented data.


Our InfoTracker product supports the rapid identification of meaningful text overlaps in large document collections for the purposes of: plagiarism detection, classified document redaction, information retrieval, and the identification of multi-word key terms.


ReadInsight!™ is an intelligent tutoring system that teaches reading comprehension skills to adults by assessing and diagnosing each student’s specific reading skill deficiencies and tailoring its instruction accordingly. It includes an authoring tool that enables course designers to rapidly customize course content to suit the interests of the target audience.     Overview     Demo


SimBionic® software is an award-winning visual authoring tool and runtime engine for creating complex behaviors in training simulations and games quickly and easily, so these systems become more realistic, challenging, and engaging.


SimCore!™ (Simulate, Coach, Review) is an innovative tool for rapidly creating and deploying intelligent simulations to support distance learning for healthcare training.