Machine Learning and Classification

Stottler Henke is at the forefront of innovative machine learning tactics and techniques. Our projects delve deep into the newest technologies to maximize efficiency.

Success Stories

AI/ML Pathogen Classification Tool (PACT) Awarded Contract for Further Development:
In response to the growing global threat of bioterrorism, Stottler Henke explores the potential for machine learning to address the need for biosurveillance technology capable of assessing the pathogenic potential of novel bacteria, for…
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RF-IR Data Fusion for Space Object Classification Using Human-Quality Artificial Intelligence Techniques:
In a recent effort, Stottler Henke used low-level pixel processing techniques to process actual infrared and radar images for better correlation, classification, and…
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Effective assessments are essential for training and personnel development. Developing quality assessments is labor-intensive. This could lead to a shortage of assessments that can significantly impact the Army’s ability to develop their personnel and a Soldier’s ability to…
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Anomaly Detection via Topological Feature Map:
Our system, Anomaly Detection via Topological feature Map (AD-TEAM), is leveraging a Self-Organizing Map (SOM)-based architecture to produce high-resolution clusters of nominal system behavior…
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AMER: High Accuracy Ship Target Classification from Multi-Modal Imagery:
Stottler Henke is developing the Automated Maritime Entity Recognition (AMER) system to hierarchically classify ships in IR ISAR imagery.  AMER is designed to provide the U.S. Navy with an automatic target recognition system usable for both single target identification and for surveying multiple objects in a scene for situational awareness…
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DeltaSat: Automatic Change Detection on Commercial Satellite Imagery:
DeltaSat incorporates ortho-rectification, geo-referencing, homographic projection, and linear normalization, as well as state-of-the-art image processing techniques such as adaptive… 
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Building Adaptive Opponents for Pilot Training:
This project is focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to create adaptive agents for simulation-based air combat. This effort is part of a larger program at the Air Force Research Laboratory aimed at… 
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