DataMontage – Visualization of Complex Time-oriented Data


The DataMontage™ software toolkit is a collection of Java and JavaScript software tools and libraries that enable you to create, display, and print information-dense arrays of timelines and XY graphs that share a common x axis. You can stack graphs and timelines vertically or arrange them in rows and columns to rapidly review, compare, or explore complex data spanning many variables, individuals, or subgroups. The graphs and timelines are synchronized, so you can zoom or scroll them in unison.

Flexible control over the color, shape, and size of graph and timeline symbols lets you encode multiple attributes and highlight significant data points to create information dense data displays. Custom icon support lets you draw data points using symbols, image icons, or arbitrary graphics drawn by custom drawing software. Colored lines and regions help you compare data points to reference values, ranges, and time intervals.

DataMontage lets you see information associated with each graphical data element using mouse rollovers, popup HTML windows, and navigation to another web page. DataMontage also supports custom user interactivity by providing an API that enables menu choices to be added to the context menu. You can define and select pre-defined graph subsets to filter large datasets.

The DataMontage Java library, running within a Web Server or Java application, enables you to call Java methods to create, configure, and populate DataMontage container objects that specify the display’s layout, appearance, and data. These interactive data displays can be rendered within Java applications or converted to JSON format and displayed by the DataMontage JavaScript renderer, running within a Web browser. You can also create and configure DataMontage container objects using JavaScript running within a Web browser or server.