Aug 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase III award for the MARS real-time, tactical command and control (C2) system. Under continued development for the U.S. Space Force, the MARS system enables U.S. Space Force schedulers to create, deconflict, visualize, validate, and disseminate highly efficient schedules for satellite-to-ground communications much more efficiently. Furthermore, MARS deconflicts schedules by using the Aurora intelligent scheduling engine, used by dozens of organizations to optimize critical, complex operations. 

Jul 2024

Stottler Henke won Small Business Innovation Research Phase I Option funding for the development of Autonomous VTOL software for Intelligent and Adaptive Noncooperative landing (AVIAN). Funded by the U.S. Navy, AVIAN will identify, assess, and prioritize potential landing sites and generate potentially complex flight paths to help vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft land autonomously in non-cooperative environments.

Jun 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I award to develop the Generative Training Scenario Development toolset (GenScen). In this Phase I effort, we will apply generative AI methods to automate the creation of high threat density scenarios with tactically representative red (adversary) threats that adapt in real time. Moreover, this effort will develop the capability to conduct automatic analysis of blue (friendly) communications to understand speed and accuracy of information exchange. 

Jun 2024

Stottler Henke won additional Small Business Innovation Research Phase II Option funding for the continued development of the LCAC Mission Planner (LMP). In this effort, Stottler Henke is developing the LMP system to support mission planning and post mission analysis for ACV operations, ensuring that Navy Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) crews can adapt more quickly to requests by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and accommodate rapidly changing mission parameters. 

May 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I award to develop space Resource Automatic Scheduling mission Operations Requests (RASOR). In this Phase I effort, we will apply the Aurora Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Framework to 4th Space Operations Squadron (4SOPS) Space Resource Automatic Scheduling Mission Requests (MORs), providing the essential capability to autonomously track and deconflict a wide range of operations executed and planned by 4SOPS. 

Apr 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I award for Multi-view Object Detection with Neural 3D Scene Understanding (MINER). In this Phase I effort, we will improve the detection and classification of partially occluded objects in complex urban environments by fusing multiple 2D images and multiple types of sensor data. 

Apr 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II award to continue development of Modular AI for Faults: Local Online Watch and Efficient Response (MAIFLOWER). In this Phase II effort for NASA, MAIFLOWER will provide rapid, robust, autonomous detection and diagnosis of faults in space-based systems by combining model-based reasoning, statistical machine learning, and thermodynamic analysis. 

Apr 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I award for Sda HEuRistics using fuzzy LOgic and Case-based reasoning (SHERLOC). The U.S. Space Force is funding the continued development of SHERLOC to identify and prioritize potential multi-object threats to U.S. space assets by combining case-based reasoning and probabilistic reasoning to fuse sensor data and human intelligence data. 

Mar 2024

Stottler Henke won a Phase I grant from the Department of Energy (DoE) for the development of Generative Embeddings Network-based Semantic Inference and Search (GENESIS). GENESIS will enable scientists to expand their knowledge across diverse scientific domains by providing a chatbot for semantic search, based on large language models and enhanced with multi-stage hybrid search and advanced logical reasoning to improve accuracy.

Mar 2024

Stottler Henke won a Phase I grant from the Department of Energy (DoE) for the development of the Induced Seismicity Transformer (InFormer). The InFormer system will use transformer-based neural networks to forecast human-induced earthquakes more accurately in order to manage their risks more effectively.

Mar 2024

Navy Transition Spotlight showcases our ViPER tool, developed with Monterey Technologies to streamline Naval air and submarine mission planning. 

Feb 2024

Stottler Henke won a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II award to continue development of Bottleneck Avoidance for Multi Beam Antennas (BAMBA). The BAMBA scheduling system will optimize the use of next generation multi-beam antennas on U.S. Navy ships to increase communications throughput and reduce latency.

Aug 2023

Aviation Week adds Stottler Henke to their Marketplace directory, citing the application of our Aurora software tool to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) scheduling.

Feb 2023

Navy Transitions showcases Stottler Henke’s OMIA system, a flexible low-cost crew trainer that simulates the MH-60S & MH-60R helicopter cockpit. Learn More.

Dec 2022

We are excited to showcase our final 2022 issue of the Aurora Newsletter! Learn about Stottler Henke’s recent trip to the SNAME Maritime Convention, where we presented Reduced Project Duration via Intelligent Scheduling for Ship Production/Repair. This issue covers how Aurora is leveraged by the US Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) to improve maintenance scheduling. We also cover the impact of optimized scheduling and the benefits of intelligent scheduling, including animations illustrating the difficulty of resource-limited scheduling.

Dec 2022

Seabury Solutions, an IT solutions market leader for the aviation industry, has announced the integration of AI solutions through its partnership with Stottler Henke for the intelligent scheduling solution, Aurora. Learn More.

Dec 2022

A new Shephard Media article describes how Stottler Henke’s SCOUT artificial intelligence technology helps teams of uncrewed air vehicles operate in contested airspace and reduces workload burdens. Learn More.

Nov 2022

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Fights On! publication highlights the Not So Grand Challenge (p.7) in which Stottler Henke and other companies are developing intelligent simulated adversaries for fighter pilot training.

Oct 2022
Sep 2022

Stottler Henke attended the 2022 SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) Maritime Convention (SMC 2022) in Houston, Texas to present Reduced Project Duration via Intelligent Scheduling for Ship Production/Repair. It highlights the impact of optimized scheduling and the benefits of intelligent scheduling to the maritime community. 

Sep 2022

Stottler Henke attended the 2022 Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – Americas in Miami, Florida. Exploring collaboration opportunities with Collinear Group and many others, to expand the availability of Aurora’s intelligent scheduling solution to more of the aircraft MRO community.

July 2022

The Department of the Navy Office of Small Business Programs’ latest Spotlight puts Stottler Henke Associates in focus. Read on about our successes, as the Navy highlights Stottler Henke’s AI-based education and training systems. Learn More.

May 2022

We are excited to showcase May 2022 with a brand new issue of the SHAI Newsletter! Inside we’ve highlighted SHAI’s recent exhibition at the 37th Space Symposium where we demonstrated our artificial intelligence space applications! Next, we cover SHAI’s attendance at the MRO Americas Conference and the recent release of new Aurora MRO Brochure, before we provide a brief overview of our RadPC AI solution, now operating on the #InternationalSpaceStation.

Apr 2022

Stottler Henke participated in the 37th Space Symposium, held April 4-7 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Booth #606). This event brings together thousands of the world’s leading space enthusiasts, providing opportunities to share knowledge. Learn More.

Mar 2022
Feb 2022

We are excited to showcase our first 2022 issue of the Aurora Newsletter. Inside we’ve highlighted the impact of dynamic resource allocation and its ability to optimize project management. Next, let us tell you how we can help you complete your projects even sooner than ever before by sending us your MPP, XML, or XER project file for analysis to Lastly, see how both Aurora and Aurora-CCPM provide our clients with an unfair competitive advantage.

Aug 2021

Stottler Henke participated in the 36th Space Symposium, held August 23-26 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Booth #208). This event brings together thousands of the world’s leading space enthusiasts, providing opportunities for information sharing and interaction among all sectors of space. Learn More.

June 2021

We are excited to start Summer off right in June 2021 with a brand new issue of the Aurora Newsletter! Inside we’ve showcased how dynamic resource allocation creates new potential for project management. Next, learn how aerospace companies like Boeing and Bombardier maximize their efficiency from the first build stage to MRO. Then, discover how the ingenuity of Siemens’ IPP&E software reached its full potential when partnered with Aurora’s advanced capabilities, uncovering new technological possibilities!

Jan 2021

We are excited to bring a New Year spotlight this January 2021 with a brand new issue of the SHAI Newsletter. Inside we’ve highlighted the use of MAESTRO within NASA and an upcoming collaboration with Montana State University! Next, read how we are using machine learning in PACT to determine the pathogenicity level of bacteria, before we provide a brief overview of our new membership within StartX to expand our reach and leave a positive global impact.

Nov 2020

Stottler Henke has added Collinear Group LLC as a Sales Partner for Aurora™ to support deployment and configuration activities on behalf of Stottler Henke and joint customers. This mutually beneficial agreement empowers the distribution and vetting of Aurora™ technology offered so that it has the edge over any competition.

Collinear Group’s specialty incorporates a project management, aerospace systems engineering, software engineering development, program management, and applied analytics emphasis. As businesses grow, they need the technological advancement to thrive, all but ensuring Collinear Group as the right company to partner with Stottler Henke for future sales and deployment of Aurora™, the world’s leading intelligent planning and scheduling solution. More info

Sep 2020

Stottler Henke has recently been accepted as part of StartX, which provides start-ups, industry experts, etc. with the opportunity to connect with industry experts, Stanford professors, growth-stage startups, and entrepreneurs collaborating and includes over 700 customers (companies represented by StartX), and over 1,300 founders. While early stage companies have received their initial 40-50 clients from the network, later stage companies have used the network to increase their growth exponentially.

StartX provides additional access to exclusive pipelines of founder-driven community contacts, of various industries, as well as additional marketing, sales, hiring, and scaling engineering communities for collaborative peer groups. Further, these groups establish a mutually beneficial learning and exchange of knowledge from a wide-breadth of the world’s top talent and entrepreneur tech companies. More info

July 2020

We’re thrilled to bring the summer spotlight this July 2020 with a hot off the press issue of the Aurora Intelligent Project Management Newsletter. Inside we’ve highlighted the use of Aurora within one of America’s national laboratories, Aurora’s integration with Siemens’ IPP&E program management software, and a brief introduction to our recently featured paper and presentation at the 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference.

July 2020

Stottler Henke’s Aurora intelligent scheduling solution, is featured in the latest issue of Global Defence Technology, the article discusses the benefits for US Navy ship maintenance performance.

June 2020

Aurora scheduling system in Aerospace Tech Review.

Mar 2020

Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. has been awarded a contract with the U.S. Navy to demonstrate the benefits of intelligent scheduling & critical chain project management for surface ship & submarine maintenance operations through the use of their artificial intelligence software, Aurora. For more information, please view our Press Release.

Mar 2020
Jan 2020

We’re starting 2020 right with a fresh issue of the Stottler Henke Newsletter. Within, you can find information on a software tool used to assess source code quality, an innovative game-based trainer that utilizes ShadowBox probes to build situational preparedness (complete with authoring tool), and a part-task trainer for helicopter pilots that is currently used by both the U.S Navy and Australian Royal Navy.

Nov 2019

The US Navy has just released a “Success Story about the OMIA-ATS Helicopter Training Solution”. The Operator Machine Interface Assistant (OMIA) is a low-cost PC-hosted and WEB-hosted Part-Task Trainer (PTT) for the Navy’s MH-60S (Sierra) and MH-60R (Romeo) helicopters. This flexible training system functions as a part-task trainer for general functionality, and supports in-depth training in particular subsystems, such as acoustics and FLIR. OMIA includes the Mission Display, Flight Display, the Center Console’s Control Display Unit (CDU), as well as the CMP, RCU and FLIR HCU units. OMIA also supports integration with with physical hand control units via USB. OMIA is used by both the US Navy and the Royal Australia Navy.

July 2019

In NATO’s “Assessment of Intelligent Tutoring Systems Technologies and Opportunities”, Stottler Henke’s Director of Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Sowmya Ramachandran, is recognized as one of the world’s leading ITS scientists by the Society for Artificial Intelligence in Education. In addition, Co-Founder and President Dick Stottler’s research in intelligent tutoring systems for combat systems publication is recognized. Learn More

July 2019

Stottler Henke is attending the AFWERX FUSION XPERIENCE Conference in Las Vegas, NV, July 23-24, exploring connection and collaboration with government & industry leaders. Learn More


May 2019

NASA Phase II awarded for AI technology that significantly expands NASA’s real-time and offline ISHM capabilities for future deep-space exploration efforts. Learn More

May 2019

NASA Phase II awarded for Astronaut Agent that uses sensor values, camera views, and information from external communications to detect unsafe conditions, faults, and anomalies, diagnose the root causes, and appropriately notify the crew. Learn More

Apr 2019

Stottler Henke inventors, Jim Ong and Emilio Remolina, received a US patent for their work for NASA, developing a method of communicating between intelligent modules within Autonomous Systems, such as Intelligent Robots, space vehicles, and habitats. Learn More

Mar 2019

We are attending the IEEE Aerospace Conference at Big Sky, MT, March 2-9, 2019. View our paper! Learn More

Feb 2019

Aurora intelligent scheduling optimization technology has been selected as one of @hellotmrc’s Top 500 deeptech startups worldwide in the Data & AI track! Stottler Henke will be traveling to Paris France for the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 14-15 March. Learn More

Nov 2018

Stottler Henke was presented with the Small Business of the Year Finalist Award at IITSEC 2018 by MS&T Magazine. Learn More


Sep 2018

We’re thrilled to share the news that our Aurora intelligent scheduling optimization technology has been selected as one of @hellotmrc’s Top 500 deeptech startups worldwide in the Data & AI track! Learn More

Sep 2018

Stottler Henke is excited to join ShadowBox LLC as part of the team that won a Best Paper Award at the 15th International Multidisciplinary Modeling and Simulation Multiconference (I3M 2018), held in Budapest, Hungary Sept. 2018. The paper is based on the work being performed by the team of ShadowBox and Stottler Henke under the SBIR Phase II project, “Stratagems: ShadowBox Training to Augment Game-Based Simulations for Combat Rescue Helicopter Aircrew,” funded by the U.S. Air Force under Contract No. FA8650-17-C-6865.

Aug 2018

MS&T Magazine recognizes Stottler Henke as one of two Simulation & Training Awards 2018 Small Business of the Year finalists. Stottler Henke is a leader in the development of AI-based Intelligent Tutoring System software solutions for intelligent, individualized military training.

May 2018
Stottler Henke will be participating in a panel discussion to showcase our initial work on CBR Insight and metrics for identifying technical debt at TechDebt 2018, which will be held jointly with ICSE 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27-28. “Technical debt describes a universal software development phenomenon: design or implementation constructs that are expedient in the short term but set up a technical context that can make future changes more costly or impossible. Software developers and managers increasingly use the concept to communicate key tradeoffs related to release and quality issues. The goal of this two-day conference is to bring together leading software researchers, practitioners, and tool vendors to explore theoretical and practical techniques that manage technical debt.” A huge thanks to ICSE and best of luck to our very own Jeremy Ludwig (Principal Engineer) who will be presenting “Static Software Metrics for Reliability and Maintainability” at the event.
Learn More
Apr 2018
Stottler Henke is now a proud member of the Training Accelerator Consortium.
“The Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) engages industry, academia and other subject matter experts broadly to expedite development, demonstration, and delivery of cutting edge technology capabilities in support of modeling, simulation and training needs of the U.S. Department of Defense. TReX provides industry and academia with access to opportunities to showcase their technologies to prospective military buyers across the U.S. Department of Defense, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. TReX supports Members throughout the entire lifecycle of technology testing and acquisition process from solicitation distribution through prototype development and technology transition.” Learn More
Apr 2018
Stottler Henke will be participating in the 34th Space Symposium being held April 16-19 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Booth #1021). This event brings together thousands of the world’s leading space enthusiasts, providing opportunities for information on and interaction among all sectors of space. Learn More
Mar 2018
Stottler Henke is presenting at the Explainable Smart Systems Workshop, part of the 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2018) being held March 7-11 in Tokyo, Japan. This event serves “as a premiere international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interface.” Learn More
Mar 2018
Stottler Henke is presenting at the 2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference taking place at the Yellowstone Conference Center, Big Sky, Montana, Mar 3 – Mar 10, 2018. Featuring the satellite communication scheduling solution called MIDAS, which has Aurora as its foundation. Learn More
Feb 2018
We are excited to share our February newsletter, Aurora Intelligent Project Management! Inside you will learn about our upcoming IEEE presentation, how Aurora is helping to better manage the construction of submarines, how Massachusetts General Hospital has implemented Aurora to schedule its medical residents, and much more! Learn More
Feb 2018
Stottler Henke is sponsoring and exhibiting at the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-18) being held February 2–7, 2018 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Learn More
Jan 2018
Stottler Henke Associates was named one of the “Top 100” companies in Military Simulation & Training Magazine’s 2017 Industry Awards. Learn More
Nov 2017
Stottler Henke was recently interviewed in Paris by Marris Consulting. The first topic vignette, Build a schedule that people can trust, has been released.
Nov 2017
Stottler Henke will be attending and exhibiting at the AMERICAN AEROSPACE & DEFENSE SUMMIT 2017 on Dec 5-6th, 2017. Aurora Intelligent Scheduling will be featured at this event.
Oct 2017
Stottler Henke was in Paris for the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit on Oct 26-27th, 2017. Aurora Intelligent Scheduling was selected to be showcased at this invitation only event.
Sep 2017
Stottler Henke has been recognized by the Halldale Group as a finalist in the Military Simulation & Training Magazine’s (MS&T’s) 2017 Industry Awards for excellent performance as a solutions provider within the global defense community. Learn More
Sep 2017

Aurora Intelligent Scheduling has been selected to participate in the Hello Tomorrow Summit. Event: Paris on Oct 26-27th, 2017

June 2017 Stottler Henke’s AI-based Intelligent Planning and Scheduling System, Aurora, is highlighted in the NASA “Concept” SBIR/STTR Quarterly Newsletter. NASA posts  an SBIR Success Story in recognition of Aurora’s longstanding application to planning and scheduling operations at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).
Jan 2017 Stottler Henke creates a new Aurora-CCPM web site at: Explore the site to learn more about Aurora-CCPM Multi-Project Critical Chain Project Management!
Sep 2016 Military Training International selects Stottler Henke as a Top 100 company in the military training industry.
May 2016 Stottler Henke Associates, Inc and Intaver Institute Inc. announce that they have developed integration between Stottler Henke’s advanced intelligent scheduling and critical chain software, Aurora, and Intaver’s risk analysis and management software RiskyProject. Press Release
Nov 2015 Stottler Henke’s Aurora-ProPlan scheduling software, which uses artificial intelligence to address packaging processing complexity at Pfizer, is featured in the October 2015 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing article Packaging Line Scheduling Optimization.
Dec 2014 Stottler Henke receives the 2014 Northrop Grumman Information Systems (NGIS) Sector Supplier Excellence Award for developing advanced simulation-based training systems for the U.S. Navy.
Nov 2014 Military Training and Technology selects Stottler Henke as a Top 100 company in the military training industry.
Oct 2014 Stottler Henke’s Managed Intelligent Deconfliction and Scheduling (MIDAS) system for Optimizing Satellite Communications is featured in the US Air Force’s Launch Stories article Optimizing Satellite Communications: Using artificial intelligence to aid satellite communication management.
Oct 2014 Stottler Henke’s Aurora-VT, a tool for destructive and non-destructive vehicle test scheduling optimization, is featured in the TECHDRIVE article Artificial Intelligence To Transform The Auto Industry.
Sep 2014 See the final assembly of the Boeing 787 that is scheduled using Stottler Henke’s Aurora, intelligent planning and scheduling tool via this Virgina Atlantic video.
Oct 2013 Stottler Henke’ ADEPT tutoring system for diagnostic reasoning was showcased in NASA Tech Briefs.  more…
Mar 2013 “A Schedule Optimization Tool for  Destructive and Non-Destructive Vehicle Tests”, paper has been accepted for presentation as an Emerging Application paper at the Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-14)
July 2012 RobotXworld discusses the use of Aurora-CCPM software by the Navy in the article Stottler Henke Associates’ Aurora-CCPM Software Selected by U.S. Navy.
July 2012 US Navy received an Excellence in Practice Award from ASTD for their use of Stottler Henke’s Tactical Action Officer ITS and other intelligent tutoring systems. more…
Apr 2012 NASA Chief Technologist Peck to visit Stottler Henke on Tuesday more…
Oct 2009 Stottler Henke’s Aurora scheduling software featured in NASA Tech Briefs, Defense Tech Briefs, and Embedded Technology magazine.
Sep 2009 Geoparsing and Stottler Henke’s Geodoc software described in Directions.
Fall 2008 Stottler Henke’s Aurora scheduling software featured in MDA Tech Update.
Apr 2007 Stottler Henke’s intelligent after-action review system for Marines team training showcased in Training and Simulation Journal. Article no longer available.
Dec 2006 Aurora, Stottler Henke’s intelligent planning and scheduling system, is selected by NASA to tackle mission-critical scheduling problems. Featured in Tech Briefs. 
Dec 2006 Stottler Henke named a “Top 100” company by Military Training and Technology.
Dec 2006 Governor Jeb Bush Presents 2006 Governor’s Award for Modeling and Simulation in Recognition of CACCTUS System. Reported online by U.S. Marine Corps
Apr 2006 Stottler Henke’s second generation Tactical Action Officer simulation and intelligent tutoring system in Washington Technology, Government Computer News, Serious Games Source, Military and Aerospace Electronics, Gamasutra, and the San Francisco Business Times
Mar 2006 Stottler Henke’s Aurora software for scheduling astronaut activities in Military and Aerospace Electronics, GovCon, Space News Feed, and the Houston Chronicle.
Mar 2006 Stottler Henke’s intelligent tutoring system for health care professionals in Virtual Medical Worlds Monthly, NewsRx, TechLearn News Line, Federal Telemedicine News.
Jan 2006 Stottler Henke’s Aware™ intelligent online research tool included in Spinoff 2005, NASA’s annual premiere publication featuring successful spinoff technologies.
Dec 2005 Warcon wargame construction tool in Business Week Online, DMSO Modeling and Simulation Newsletter, Air Force Officer Training School portal , Military Simulation and Training, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, Montgomery Advertiser, Game Shark , Worth Playing, and RF Design.
Dec 2005 Dick Stottler, president, interviewed in Military Training Technology.
Nov 2005 Military Training Technology magazine includes Stottler Henke in list of Top 100 Companies that have made a significant impact on the industry for the 3rd consecutive year. Stottler Henke receives Blue Ribbon as a company that leads the industry in innovation.
Mar 2005 GuiGuru intelligent user interface design aid in Usernomics.
Mar 2005 Aware™ intelligent online research tool in Search Engine Watch and American Association for Artificial Intelligence.
Mar 2005 DataMontage™ data visualization system in Applied Clinical Trials.
Mar 2005 SimBionic® and PathEngine in EE Times, Planet Analog, Electronics Express, EE Product Center, and San Francisco Business News.
Jan 2005 Aware™ intelligent online research tool in
Apr 2004 Agent-Based High Availability (ABHA) system in Grid Today.
Mar 2004 Agent-Based High Availability (ABHA) system in Federal Computer Week.
Feb 2004 SimBionic® for Java™ in: SunFlash Newsletter, Sun System News, Java Games Community.
Dec 2003 “Virtual Tutors” in Military Training Technology describes intelligent tutoring systems Stottler Henke developed for the U.S. Navy.
Dec 2003 “E-Learning Gets Smart” in Washington Technology.
Dec 2003 Agent-Based High Availability (ABHA) system for reliable cluster and grid computing in Grid Computing Planet, Utility Computing IT World, Today at Berkeley Lab, AAAI, and Primeur Monthly.
Nov 2003 Agent-Based High Availability (ABHA) system in Supercomputing Online and Live Power News.
Nov 2003 U.S. Navy includes Stottler Henke’s Acoustic Analysis Intelligent Tutoring System (AAITS) in its select list of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Success Stories.
Nov 2003 Military Training Technology magazine names Stottler Henke as a Top 100 company in the military training industry in 2003.
Oct 2003 “Tutoring for Future Combat” in Military Training Technology describes Stottler Henke’s Future Combat System Intelligent Tutoring System (FCS ITS) that supports the Army’s next generation of combat systems.
Oct 2003 Task Tutor Toolkit™ intelligent tutoring system shell in Spinoff 2003, NASA’s annual premiere publication featuring successful spinoff technologies.
Sep 2003 SimBionic® in news@afrl, newsletter of the Air Force Research Labs.
Aug 2003 SimBionic® product review in Game Developer magazine: “This visual-editing feature was my favorite user interface out of all the AI middleware products evaluated… A Simbionic user I contacted was amazed that once he started working with the program, it was so easy to create and modify the AI portion of his program.”
July 2003 SimBionic® product review in the Gamasutra game development portal: SimBionic review: “SimBionic provides a sophisticated framework for creating and debugging state systems. Since FSMs are so widely used by game developers, SimBionic is an alternative to the custom FSM development that goes on in game development today.” AI middleware wrap up: “The SimBionic Visual Editor makes developing these state systems easy and accessible to level designers and other staff who may not have deep programming skills.”
July/Aug 2003 Stottler Henke’s ComMentor Socratic Tutor for teaching Army tactics in MIT Technology Review
June 2003 SimBionic® in Visual Systems Journal
May 2003 “Intelligent Tutoring for Command Thinking Skills” in Army Research Institute Newsletter
Mar 2003 SimBionic® in Game Spy Daily and Dr. Dobb’s Journal.
Feb 2003 SimBionic® in – the Visual Simulation portal and Software Development Online.
Jan 2003 SimBionic® in Dr. Dobb’s AI Expert.
2002 Aurora™ in NASA Kennedy Space Center Research and Technology 2002 Report.
Dec 2002 SimBionic® in Gamasutra,, Digital Game Developer, Code Box, and Flipcode.
Dec 2002 Task Tutor Toolkit™ in Sun System News and SunFlash
Oct 2002 Automated Manifest Planner space shuttle scheduling system in Spinoff 2002, NASA’s annual premiere publication featuring successful NASA technologies.
Feb 2002 Dick Stottler, president of Stottler Henke, discusses the future of artificial intelligence with other experts on CNN International.
Sep 2001 “Space Shuttle AI Software Commercialized” in NASA’s Aerospace Technology Innovation.
May 2000 “Intelligent Tutor for Today’s Army”, Military Training Technology. Volume 5, Issue 5 (2000). – this article describes intelligent tutors developed for the Army by Stottler Henke and by others.



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