Advantages of Aurora-CCPM

With 20 years of experience in intelligent scheduling and resource management, Stottler Henke’s Aurora-CCPM is designed to help companies tackle complex situations with ease and carry out operations more efficiently and effectively.



  • Ability to handle short-duration tasks, and update buffer reports on any timeframe (e.g., once every hour).
  • Ability to handle multi-projects of huge size and complexity, Boeing uses Aurora to run projects that contain over 10,000 activities! The 64-bit version of Aurora has run projects with 150,000 but the theoretical maximum is much larger.
  • Buffer reports can be run as frequently as desired even with the largest models.
  • Ability to perform forward, backward, and mixed mode scheduling.
  • Intelligent scheduling that can determine shorter critical chains.
  • Ability to leverage knowledge about resource constrained task placement during execution. Due to execution time differences in how tasks are actually executed the resources may become available for a task that is shown later but actually could be done now and otherwise these resources would lie idle. Aurora-CCPM could determine in real time that it is best to complete this task now.
  • Ability to take variability of tasks in a chain into account in buffer consumption. That is, if a chain consists of a series of low variability tasks at the beginning then a few high variability tasks at the end of the chain, standard buffer consumption reports could give an overly optimistic view of the situation.
  • Sophisticated constraints beyond human capabilities — ability to handle physical space constraints, including taking into account the creation and elimination of the space during the project.
  • Ability to run how the client wants to run. It can run as a standalone application under Windows, Linux and as a web-based application.
  • Ability to easily integrate with other company systems / databases.
  • Explanation of reasoning. Aurora-CCPM includes the rationale for each task on why it was schedule where it was schedule. Therefore, it is easy to determine what changes could be made for a task to occur earlier.

Situations where Aurora provides a competitive edge over other CCPM software systems:


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    The problem solved by Aurora may be referred to as: optimized resource allocation, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) schedule optimization; production schedule / production scheduling; scenario planning; production planning of batch plants; parallel machine scheduling problem with setups, release and due dates and additional constraints related to the scarce availability of tools and human operators; multi-product multistage batch plant scheduling; multi-stage multi-product batch scheduling; multi-product multistage batch plant scheduling, parallel machine scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times; campaign and lot size scheduling problem; economic lot scheduling problem (ELSP); parallel machine scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times; scheduling problems with setup times and/or costs; sequence-dependent job scheduling; job scheduling using parallel non-identical machines with sequence dependent clearance times, mixed Integer Programming (MIP) scheduling / Mixed integer mathematical model.

    The objective function normally being the minimization of makespan or project duration / maximization of throughput, with limited resources. Other solutions provide resource leveling, Aurora provides intelligent resource scheduling optimization.

    Approaches used by others that Aurora outperforms, include the following: discrete event simulation; tabu search algorithm; mixed integer programming (MIP) scheduling / mixed integer mathematical model; Iterative two-stage decomposition solution strategy; genetic algorithms; multi-grid continuous-time formulations.

    Aurora may be used as a complement or replaced for Microsoft Project, Primavera P6, Deltek Open Plan, PowerProject, Lynx TameFlow, Being Management 3, Exepron, ProChain, Concerto, Smartsheet, Wrike, Projectmanager, Teamwork, TeamGantt, Clarizen, LiquidPlanner, ProWorkFlow, Workzone, Bitrix24, Easy Project, Project Insight, Construxiv  / Grit Virtual,, Project Plan 365, Gantter, VPlanner, NetPoint, Touchplan, Visual Planning, QLean, Jobsite Forecast, Nodes & Links, Scheduling Assistance Tool (SAT), Projectmates, PlanGrid, Float, and many others.