Advantages of Aurora-CCPM


  • With 20 years of experiences in intelligent scheduling and resource management, Stottler Henke’s Aurora-CCPM is designed to help companies tackle complex situations with ease and carry out operations more efficiently and effectively.



  • Ability to handle short-duration tasks, and update buffer reports on any timeframe (e.g., once every hour).
  • Ability to handle multi-projects of huge size and complexity, Boeing uses Aurora to run projects that contain over 10,000 activities! The 64-bit version of Aurora has run projects with 150,000 but the theoretical maximum is much larger.
  • Buffer reports can be run as frequently as desired even with the largest models.
  • Ability to perform forward, backward, and mixed mode scheduling.
  • Intelligent scheduling that can determine shorter critical chains.
  • Ability to leverage knowledge about resource constrained task placement during execution. Due to execution time differences in how tasks are actually executed the resources may become available for a task that is shown later but actually could be done now and otherwise these resources would lie idle. Aurora-CCPM could determine in real time that it is best to complete this task now.
  • Ability to take variability of tasks in a chain into account in buffer consumption. That is, if a chain consists of a series of low variability tasks at the beginning then a few high variability tasks at the end of the chain, standard buffer consumption reports could give an overly optimistic view of the situation.
  • Sophisticated constraints beyond human capabilities — ability to handle physical space constraints, including taking into account the creation and elimination of the space during the project.
  • Ability to run how the client wants to run. It can run as a standalone application under Windows, Linux and as a web-based application.
  • Ability to easily integrate with other company systems / databases.
  • Explanation of reasoning. Aurora-CCPM includes the rationale for each task on why it was schedule where it was schedule. Therefore, it is easy to determine what changes could be made for a task to occur earlier.

Situations where Aurora provides a competitive edge over other CCPM software systems: