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Aurora™ is the most advanced Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Solution available on the market today. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to tackle scheduling problems with complex constraints by incorporating the judgment and experience of expert human schedulers. Originally developed for NASA, Aurora is particularly effective when applied to large projects with complex constraints and resource requirements.

Aurora™ outperforms conventional software solutions

Compared to Microsoft Project

Shorter schedules

Compared to Primavera


Reduced turnaround time

Aurora takes a different approach

Most systems use simple rules to select and schedule activities and assign resources to carry them out. Often, these schedules are far from optimal. Aurora solves complex problems more effectively by encoding and applying sophisticated scheduling knowledge and user-supplied decision-making rules, along with complex constraints and resource requirements.

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Aurora is user friendly

Aurora’s graphical user interface enables users to enter domain-specific scheduling knowledge and requirements quickly and easily. Interactive graphical displays enable users to visualize and edit the schedule’s resource allocations and temporal relationships among activities. Aurora automatically detects and highlights scheduling problems such as unresolved conflicts.

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Aurora offers strategic benefits

Aurora focuses on resource requirements and temporal scheduling in combination, providing more efficient use of available resources resulting in shorter projects.  This greater throughput results in cost savings since the same amount of work is completed in less time compared to if Aurora was not used.

Aurora complex constraint support allows planners to develop more realistic project models that adapt more realistically during execution. Aurora also supports forward and backward scheduling as well as mixed mode scheduling so you can have your projects schedule the way you want them to. Aurora’s schedule unique explanation reports show you why each task was scheduled where it was scheduled.

Aurora is also designed to allow extensive customization. Needs and priorities vary widely from one company to another, even within a single industry, and the scheduling tool needs to be able to reflect that. 

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