Los Alamos National Laboratory


Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), a national laboratory for the United States Department of Energy, has selected Stottler Henke’s Aurora™ intelligent scheduling software in order to improve LANL’s scheduling of production, manufacturing, as well as research and development. Aurora is a customizable scheduling platform that allows organizations to plug-in elements that provide the domain-specific expertise needed for each unique type of scheduling task. LANL supports national security by serving as one of our country’s nuclear deterrents. LANL constructed the world’s first atomic bomb and has provided the scientific innovation to improve the security for our border, energy, and infrastructure. In addition, LANL’s bioscience research works on solutions to national security threats such as disease, energy scarcity, and climate change. LANL is improving the production schedule and reducing the resource consumption from their use of raw materials. In this effort, Aurora is being leveraged to prioritize factory production tasks through balancing resource capacities with manufacturing requirements and constraints. The outcome is an evolving array of schedules that adjust to real-time production changes and enables LANL to execute their objective as effectively as feasible.