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Siemens has teamed with Stottler Henke to bring the power of Aurora intelligent project management and scheduling to Siemens’ Integrated Program Planning & Execution (IPP&E) products which is part of the Siemens Xcelerator platform. Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform that enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster and at scale. IPP&E provides a systems approach to program planning and execution by integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management system. IPP&E’s scheduling is provided by Stottler Henke’s Aurora Intelligent Scheduling, as are many of the project management graphic reports, including network diagrams, Gantt Charts, and histograms. The solution is easy to maintain and scalable to commercial and government programs of any size. Improve your ability to execute on cost and schedule by using an integrated system that manages all program artifacts. Click here for more information. 


From the strategic to the tactical, Collinear Group offers a wide range of consulting and professional services. Collinear Group consists of seasoned professionals with unmatched capability in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, and Program Management in the High Technology and Aerospace industries. Collinear Group has applied Aurora’s intelligent scheduling and Critical Chain Project Management to the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft and has been involved in various other aerospace implementations of Aurora. Click here for more information. 

Seabury Solutions

Seabury Solutions, a market leader in providing Information Technology solutions for the aviation industry, supports the  integration of Stottler Henke’s Aurora, an intelligent scheduling technology AI solution. Aurora’s intelligent scheduling technology improves MRO throughput, resulting in improved transparency and reduced costs, while also resulting in superior operations management. Aurora was developed to help tackle difficult, mission-critical scheduling problems—by using artificial intelligence technologies to encode extensive expert domain knowledge with advanced algorithms to generate more efficient schedules. Leveraging the combined benefits of Seabury Solutions and Aurora technologies results in significantly improved efficiency and transparency. Click here for more information.


Stottler Henke has teamed with Seavus to bring the power of Seavus’ ScheduleReader to the entire Aurora community. ScheduleReader quickly allows one to view schedules saved as Primavera P6 XML format. Stottler Henke has worked closely with Seavus to verify that all Aurora exports in P6 XML format can be properly read into ScheduleReader. ScheduleReader is a tool that dynamically presents project data from schedule files, which users can easily filter, organize, and share with project stakeholders. ScheduleReader is designed to deliver the dynamic view of project information among all parties involved in the project. As an alternative to sharing schedule data in PDF format, ScheduleReader modernizes and improves the process of managing even the most complex projects. Click here for more information.

OnTrack Engineering

OnTrack is a developer of fully aligned project software solutions headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. OnTrack’s traditional clients are facility owners, engineering firms, and construction providers operating in oil and natural gas, pipelines, mining, and industrial facilities industries. The Company was incorporated in 1984 as a private firm providing estimating, planning, and cost control consulting services. OnTrack continues to consult today, however, the demand for specialized expertise motivated OnTrack to create a specialized project software solution. CostTrack was born in 1996, allowing OnTrack’s clients to effectively and efficiently carry out these functions themselves. Over the next decade, this offering evolved into OnTrack Project Manager, a more inclusive and integrated project life-cycle software solution. Click here for more information.

CHAMPS Software

CHAMPS Software provides computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software solutions that enable large enterprises to improve the effectiveness and performance of their maintenance programs. Our CMMS and EAM solutions are actively being used in industries like nuclear energy, amusement parks, public works, manufacturing, logistics, and more. CHAMPS specializes in providing customized solutions that match the needs of our customers and have amassed over 40 years of real-world experience in developing, implementing, and supporting CMMS and EAM solutions across a wide range of industries. We don’t just sell products; we sell solutions and focus on building long-lasting relationships with our customers, many of which have been partnering with CHAMPS for over 30 years. Click here for more information.

The Kildrummy Corporation Limited

Kildrummy has been supplying the most flexible and effective cost management systems available for over 25 years. Kildrummy’s solutions have been used successfully to manage over $2Tn in project spend, creating cost visibility and control for the world’s largest organizations on some of the most complex projects ever undertaken. The Kildrummy Turnaround CostMANAGER (“KTCM”) specifically addresses the challenges of Turnaround projects, ensuring success under pressure. KTCM is a browser-based, cloud-capable, multi-currency, and multi-language cost management solution, designed by industry experts and implemented by a market leading provider of cost management systems. Easy to deploy and use, KTCM delivers clarity, connectivity, and rapid return on investment. Click here for more information. 

RiskyProject Professional Intaver-Institute

Intaver Institute was founded in 2002 by respected technology executives, mathematicians, economists, and computer scientists. We believe that advanced technology based on operational research can significantly contribute to project management. Intaver Institute Inc. develops commercial software, provides training and consulting services, and performs scientific research in the area of project decision and risk analysis. Intaver’s flagship product is RiskyProject: project risk management software. RiskyProject integrates with Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, and other project management software or can run as a standalone desktop application and comes in three configurations: RiskyProject Lite, RiskyProject Professional, and RiskyProject Enterprise. Since its official launch in October 2004, RiskyProject has become one of the leading tools for quantitative project risk analysis in many industries including aerospace and defense, oil and gas, information technology and software development, pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, mining, and others. Click here for more information. 

 Future Partners

If you are a consultant, product vendor, or systems integrator who provides scheduling solutions, contact us to explore how Aurora technology can enhance your product or service offering.

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