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OnTrack Engineering provides fully aligned project management solutions. We understand the industries we serve are constantly evolving, so we too are consistently pushing the envelope with innovation in design, functionality and ease of implementation of our products and services. Whether you choose to implement OntrackPM, or utilize our PMO consulting, project expertise and training services, we can enable your organization to increases its ability to effectively manage and execute capital projects more efficiently.

With employees and associates across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, OnTrack has been supporting and advising our clients with analysis and solutions to solve both routine and extraordinary project difficulties. Through the years many of our clients have achieved success through major growth and acquisition and we are proud to have been a part of their winning strategies.

Advancing Project Controls from being Reactive to Proactive

For Owners

Advanced up to date visibility into project status, ability to take action early, avoid delays and unplanned cost or schedule over-runs. Provides audit trails during and post project delivery.

For Supply Chain

Aligns and streamlines purchasing and transaction approvals. Allows for revisions through all phases of the procurement cycle. Gives visibility into supplier performance. Improves logistics, bidding and contract management.

For IT

Simple and powerful integrations and synchronization between corporate systems such as ERP’s, Document Management, Maintenance Management and other corporate systems.

Across all project phases you will gain full visibility into schedules, resources, deliverables and costing that is aligned to your financial requirements. The system provides advanced communication, collaboration and coordination tools that reduce tedious, complex, costly processes and systems that require possible duplication of effort and prone to causing errors or delays in reporting. You obtain a common platform and set of process and controls that promotes work sharing, standardization and repeatability with successful results.

Advances visibility, tracking and communications between the PMO and subcontractors ensuring teams know what needs to be done by who. when making it the best prime contractor tool. Avoids frustration by avoiding the “hurry up and wait” syndrome. Quality work and timely delivery leads to more work! Better estimates can be achieved over time with OnTrack PM’s repeatability and templating.

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