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Current Job Openings

Stottler Henke is looking for a software engineer with 0-3 years of experience to join our dynamic environment of applied research and development. This is a unique opportunity to gain experience in multiple software technologies, project management, customer interaction, and idea generation. We are looking for enthusiastic candidates who are interested in work that is out of the ordinary.

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Equivalent (e.g., Symbolic Systems, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS)).

Experience: 0 – 3 years experience. Artificial intelligence coursework.

Compensation: $155,000/Year – Employee Benefits Provided

Job Type: Regular, Full-Time, 40 Hours/Week

Locations: San Mateo, CA | Colorado Springs, CO

Responsibilities Include…

  • Designing and implementing complex algorithms.
  • Developing prototypes and operational software systems that employ artificial intelligence techniques and technologies such as autonomous systems, machine learning, advanced planning and scheduling systems, natural language processing, intelligent tutoring systems, and computer vision, fusion, and other intelligent sensor processing systems.
  • Participating in knowledge engineering and requirements analysis, and software development using programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, etc.

Abilities & Attributes…

  • Proficiency in Java and C++.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented development.
  • Proficiency with database concepts.
  • Knowledge of at least of one area of artificial intelligence, such as autonomous systems, data mining, machine learning, planning and scheduling, computer vision, intelligent tutoring systems, intelligent agents, or natural language processing.
  • Strong writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to do work independently.

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced, and challenging internship, Stottler Henke is searching for AI Developer Interns to do programming and software engineering work in support of our ongoing projects. It’s real work developing software for real people.

Education: Completed at least Junior year of college (or achieved Junior standing).

Experience: Artificial intelligence coursework.

Compensation: $55 to $58/Hour – No Employee Benefits Provided

Job Type: Summer Internship, Full-Time, 40 Hours/Week

Locations: San Mateo, CA

Responsibilities Include…

  • Assisting in development of prototype and operational software systems that employ artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Contributing to research, design, implementation, coding, testing, debugging, and subsequent deployment of the system.
  • Assisting with proposal preparation (research and writing).
    Performing software development using programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Scala.

Abilities & Attributes…

  • Ability to program in Java and C++.
  • Knowledge of OOD.

About Stottler Henke

We Deliver Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions

Stottler Henke is an artifical intelligence (AI) software development company. Since 1988, we’ve applied AI and other advanced software technologies to solve problems that defy solutions using traditional approaches. Stottler Henke combines its broad artificial intelligence expertise and technologies with skills in expert knowledge elicitation, requirements analysis, software and database design and implementation, data analysis and visualization, and user interface design to deliver innovative software solutions. Our technology consulting, feasibility studies, and rapid prototypes help companies identify and validate promising applications and approaches. Our software development, implementation, and technology transfer services ensure the successful deployment of effective, practical, long-term solutions. Our software products simplify and accelerate the development of intelligent systems for scheduling, training, decision support, knowledge discovery, and knowledge management. Our approach to artificial intelligence mimics human thought processes to solve the world’s most challenging and interesting problems. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to solve complex problems automatically, offering custom-built AI software solutions for customers in such fields as Education and Training, Knowledge Management and Discovery, Planning and Scheduling, Decision Support, and Autonomous Systems.

Company Culture

Learn, grow, and challenge yourself at Stottler Henke.

Our informal and collaborative work environment emphasizes teamwork, mentorship, and providing diverse responsibilities and challenges. In each of our five technical groups, project managers, researchers, and software developers work together to conceive, design, develop, and deploy new technologies. There is frequent cross-fertilization across groups, including loans of personnel and transfer of technology and tools. In general, company work is project-based, as are the roles taken on by the individuals forming the project team. The same individual might serve as the Principal Investigator and Project Manager on one project and as Researcher or Software Architect on another. Stottler Henke participates actively in the U.S. Government’s SBIR program and we encourage our employees right from the start to write proposals in response to SBIR funding opportunities. Employees who participate in the proposal-writing process play an active role in delivering Stottler Henke’s suite of AI software solutions to new customers and new domains. Often, Stottler Henke will find itself pursuing a brand new line of work thanks to the innovative ideas new recruits bring to our company. Be a part of Stottler Henke’s future today!

Employee Benefits & Activities

We want you to excel inside and outside of the office.

Stottler Henke offers a rich assortment of employee benefits, including Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance, Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Savings Account (FSA), Life Insurance, and 401(k). In addition, Stottler Henke has numerous company activities year-round, including a company picnic each summer with a catered lunch and curated games for the whole family, a Halloween pumpkin carving contest, and an annual Holiday Party. Stottler Henke also holds numerous smaller events throughout the year, including pizza parties, weekly Tech Talks, and Board Game Nights. Employees can even suggest ideas for, and help plan, our next company outing!

Stottler Henke is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, a stone’s throw from San Francisco and Silicon Valley & conveniently situated near public transit.

We also have a software development office in Colorado Springs, CO.


Stottler Henke attends a host of in-person and virtual career events hosted by UC Berkeley (Cal) and Stanford throughout the academic year.

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