Knowledge Management Discovery


Our knowledge management systems capture the knowledge of in-house experts as rules, models, and case bases of previously encountered situations and solutions. These knowledge repositories enable advisory systems that help companies assess situations, diagnose and repair problems, and design products and processes more quickly and consistently. Our knowledge discovery systems extract valuable knowledge from large databases and help people conduct comprehensive online research.

Success Stories


  • Community-Driven Terminology Mediation for Universal Health Exchange MediBridge uses a new AI approach to terminology mapping to translate from a proprietary medical terminology to universal medical standards, lowering the barrier to seamless Health Information Exchange (HIE). By exploiting feedback from a community of domain and subdomain experts, paired with “expert” evidence sources, MediBridge will improve patient care and support future health research.
  • Context-Aware Information Retrieval Aware incorporates a new semantic search technique that can be built-up and maintained efficiently by end-users. Our ‘glassbox’ approach to semantic modeling allows users to define and exploit key concepts in an ad hoc exploratory fashion.
  • Detecting Meaningful Text Overlaps InfoTracker supports the rapid identification of meaningful text overlaps in large document collections for the purposes of: plagiarism detection, classified document redaction, information retrieval, and the identification of multi-word key terms.
      • IKODA: Intelligent KnOwledge Discovery Assistant Interactive, data-aware visualizations help analysts manipulate data mining results more easily and effectively.
      • ADCT Coordinates Design Teams and Captures Rationale and Expertise ADCT helps large, distributed design teams work more effectively by tracking possible effects of design changes and notifying affected designers automatically. ADCT also serves as a knowledge management system that preserves an organization’s design expertise by providing easy access to previously-solved engineering design problems and the rationale for past design decisions.