Siemens Integrated Program Planning & Execution (IPP&E) with Aurora Intelligent Scheduling


Siemens IPP&E solution provides a systems approach to program planning and execution by integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management system. IPP&E’s scheduling is provided by Stottler Henke’s Aurora Intelligent Scheduling, as are many of the project management graphic reports, including network diagrams, Gantt Charts, and histograms. The solution is easy to maintain and scalable to commercial and government programs of any size. Improve your ability to execute on cost and schedule by using an integrated system that manages all program artifacts.

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Program planning and execution excellence are essential to business success in today’s commercial and government environments. All providers need to become more efficient and reduce direct and indirect expenses, IPP&E drives continuous improvement and transparency for programs.

IPP&E enables program planning and execution based on a common WBS structure. It allows the creation of estimates based on past performance, and integrates cost, schedule, requirements, processes, inputs, and outputs for a complete work package definition. It is a single source for all program estimating and execution information, including risk and opportunity management. It supports Integrated Master Plan, Integrated Master Schedule and Earned Value Management. During execution, the intelligence of Aurora determines the best path forward, based on the latest status. This solution enables you to successfully deliver programs in the current environment, ultimately improving profits, reputation and the ability to invest in and win new programs. Read More.

Solution Capabilities

Bill of Materials Management

Create a conceptual representation of the product (logical/physical) and associate it to WBS for planning purposes. Build the detailed BOM from this representation during the execution phase.

Change Management

Associate program changes directly to project plans. Coordinate the design and release of items under configuration control across multiple, often related, projects.

Document Management & Publishing

Keep design and documentation aligned with product changes to reduce development time and cost while improving document accuracy and effectiveness. Support contract data requirements. 

Organization & Navigation

Manage a library of common WBS. Create WBS for a specific program by copying the applicable elements from the common WBS. Define work packages, resource estimates and deliverables. 

Program Planning

Create a program IMP with events, accomplishments, and criteria. Identify, link, and report WBS elements associated with each critieria. 

Project Management

Auto-generate schedules using work elements from the pgram WBS and the IMP. Assign resources and manage deliverables. Update schedule based on changes to the WBS for recovery and risk mitigation. 

Verification & Validation

Capture all relevant program and project requirements. Associate requirements to program items to track and ensure execution against those requirements. 

Workflow Management

Manage the evolution of the program plan and leverage workflows to control the execution of change items or tasks for a program. 

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