Stottler Henke Joins StartX


Stottler Henke is proud to announce it is now a member of the StartX community! Joining as part of a larger culmination of growth-stage startups, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and Stanford professors, members of the StartX community are working together to provide real positive global change.

Combining the expertise of founders from various industries, ranging from biotech, informatics, medical device, hardware, fintech, cleantech, and non-profit to the more traditional consumer/enterprise/health IT & deep tech, companies of all stages are working towards the common goal of expanding as a mutually beneficial network of resources. StartX offers its members exclusive customers, talent, founder, and executive subgroups aimed at providing support, collaboration, and serving as part of the resources partners receive.

With a new membership, and future network expansion, Stottler Henke continues to gain traction in the Artificial Intelligence, and overall technology industry, as a successful small business that pioneers innovation and products to help companies, large and small, improve their bottom line.

With StartX, Stottler Henke hopes to gain additional insight from fellow industry experts, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, while expanding its own contributions to the aforementioned technology fields. More Info