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Stottler Henke Will Present Aurora™ Scheduling System at World’s Best Technologies Showcase

Intelligent software provides efficient solutions to complex, resource-constrained enterprise scheduling problems

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 14, 2008 – Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. ( in San Mateo, CA announced today that they will be presenting information on the Aurora™ intelligent scheduling software system at the World’s Best Technologies Showcase (WBT) in Arlington, Texas. WBT will be held in the Arlington Convention Center from May 26-27. Aurora™ software is the first intelligent planning and scheduling system that enables companies to easily encode and apply sophisticated decision-making rules. The Aurora™ scheduling system generates schedules more effectively than traditional systems by applying domain-specific knowledge and heuristics, constraints, and resource requirements. Using Aurora’s graphical user interface, scheduling experts can easily configure Aurora with this planning and scheduling knowledge, as well as visualize and modify the automatically-generated schedules. Aurora is used by major manufacturers such as The Boeing Company to manage certain aspects of the process of building the Boeing 787 Dreamliner™ commercial airliner. Stottler Henke also is developing for the United Space Alliance (USA) an in-flight version of Aurora for proposed use on board the United States’ Crew Exploration Vehicle for next- generation manned spaceflight.

Aurora was originally developed to help NASA tackle difficult, mission-critical scheduling problems that previously required the judgment and experience of expert human schedulers. For example, Aurora is deployed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to schedule the use of floor space and other resources at the Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF), the world’s largest low-particle clean room where International Space Station components are prepared for space flight. Aurora was also used to create Aurora/AMP, a replacement for the Automated Manifest Planner developed by Stottler Henke and used by NASA since 1994. AMP generates short-term and long-term (10 year) schedules of ground-based activities that prepare space shuttles before each mission and refurbish them after each mission.

WBT is the premier event showcasing the world’s largest collection of undiscovered technologies emanating from top universities, labs, and research institutions from across the country and around the globe. Participating technologies are selected by – and presented to – seasoned venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts representing a variety of industries.

“We look forward to presenting information regarding the Aurora™ intelligent scheduling system to such an influential target audience,” said Dick Stottler, president. “Aurora can significantly reduce the time and cost of executing aerospace, construction, manufacturing, and other large projects. It was gratifying to see Aurora selected as one of the top 75 new technologies and one of only seven software products. Unbeaten in head-to-head competition with every scheduling system it has been compared against, Aurora scheduling technology enables companies to optimize complex operations.”


The WBT is designed to support the movement of world-class technologies from leading laboratories and universities into the marketplace by providing the opportunity for scientists, researchers, and technology entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 licensing professionals, and seed-stage venture capital investors to develop new relationships. In doing so, the WBT serves as a catalyst between university and lab-based technologies, the investment community, and ultimately, the marketplace. For more information, please visit WBT.

Founded in 1988, Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. applies artificial intelligence and other advanced software technologies to solve problems that defy solution using traditional approaches. The company delivers intelligent software solutions for education and training, planning and scheduling, knowledge management and discovery, decision support, and software development. Stottler Henke’s clients include manufacturers, retailers, educational media companies and government agencies. In 2006, Stottler Henke was the subject of a NASA “Hallmarks of Success” video profile for its work developing and later commercializing advanced planning and training software systems. Stottler Henke received a 2004 “Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning” award for innovative technology. For the past four consecutive years, Stottler Henke was named one of the “top 100” companies making a significant impact on the military training industry by Military Training Technology magazine, and in 2005 received a Blue Ribbon recognizing it as a company that leads the industry in innovation. Web: Email: