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Stottler Henke provides professional consulting in the area of applying intelligent scheduling. Stottler Henke has the knowledge and experience assisting organizations improve their practice of project, program, and portfolio management, leveraging the capability of intelligent scheduling. Since many firms are not leveraging the many benefits of correctly tracking and scheduling their resources optimally, much can be gained by learning how best to roll out an intelligent scheduling implementation. This may include helping the firm capture the apropos information that is needed to correctly model the resource environment.

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Stottler Henke’s Aurora intelligent scheduling software can greatly improve the resource utilization and throughput of the organization, but only if the proper model is constructed. In many cases, since the tools currently being utilized cannot exploit the available resources efficiently, the model of the resources and other aspects of the organization are not currently properly modeled to be able to be exploited by intelligent scheduling. By leveraging the expertise and experiences of Stottler Henke in the application of intelligence scheduling to other complex projects and portfolio of projects, Stottler Henke will provide the shortest path to a complete rollout of intelligent scheduling.

The results of Stottler Henke’s consulting efforts will include a complete process for the intelligent scheduling implementation from data collection through automated scheduling via Aurora. The process many times includes interfacing with other data sources from the organization, extracting the proper subset of that data and importing it into Aurora. By developing a complete process the many benefits, including increased throughput, will become part of an improved company culture.

Overview of Process:

  • Understand the current situation
  • Determine what needs to change
  • Determine the desired future state, i.e., what to change to
  • Determine how to cause the change
  • Take action

Importing from other Systems

What can be a major component of the intelligent scheduling consulting process is the importing of data from other data sources. Aurora already has the ability to import from various project management software, such as Microsoft Project and Primavera, in addition, we have vast experience importing from other corporate databases including SAP and Oracle-based systems. Aurora includes an Application Programmer’s Interface (API) that can be used by the client to transfer data into Aurora. Or Stottler Henke can use its experience to provide the interface to seamlessly integrate data from other data sources and bring it into Aurora.

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