The most advanced Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Solution available on the market today.

Aurora™ is the world’s leading intelligent planning and scheduling software solution that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence. It was originally developed to help NASA tackle difficult, mission-critical scheduling problems with complex constraints by incorporating the judgment and experience of expert human schedulers. Aurora is particularly effective when applied to large projects with complex constraints and resource requirements.


Over the last 25 years, an increasing number of organizations have chosen Aurora to manage operations more efficiently than any other system it has ever been compared to, and for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Aurora has proven vastly more powerful than any other solution including Microsoft Project and Primavera P3/P6 .

Constraint Satisfaction

There are often multiple constraints that need to be satisfied like resource capacities, task dependies, deadlines, etc. Satisfying all constraints simultaneously can be very challenging especially as the number of tasks and constraints grows.

combinatorial explosion

The number of possible solutions grows exponentially as the number of tasks and resources increases, making it infeasible to do exhaustive search for the optimal schedule. This makes resource limited scheduling NP-hard.


Real-world environments bring uncertainty in task durations, resource availability, etc. The schedule needs to be robust enough to provide good solutions despite these uncertainties.

Multi-Objective Tradeoffs

Different objectives like minimizing project length, maximizing resource utilization, minimizing cost, etc., may be desired. Finding optimal tradeoffs between these different objectives can be difficult.

dynamic environments

Resources or task requirements may change dynamically over time, and the schedule needs to be adjusted in real-time to account for these changes.

approaches used by others that aurora outperforms:

  • Multiple-pass intelligent resource-constrained scheduling.
  • Mixed-mode scheduling.
  • Schedule Rationale.
  • Interface with other scheduling tools.
  • 64-bit version can divide projects into the hundreds of thousands of tasks.
  • Can be run as a web-based application or a standalone application under Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Supports complex human classifications (e.g., occupation plus various skills and/or certifications, and Aurora optimizes taking these into consideration.)
  • Supports more types of constraints beyond finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to-finish, & start-to-finish, including ergonomic constraints, shift-based constraints, physical space constraints, and more.
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) / Enterprise Resource Planning Optimization (ERPO): Aurora optimizes the resource planning of all of an enterprise’s resources across all projects.
  • Shortens projects by allocating resources more efficiently.
  • Saves the labor of human schedulers by automating what they do.
  • Enables more robust modeling of scheduling problems, so it can schedule projects automatically that other tools cannot even model.
  • Provides intelligent conflict resolution.
  • Provides explanations on why each activity/task was scheduled where it was, adding transparency.
  • Disruptions to the original plan including interjections of new tasks during execution are handled optimally.
  • Interfaces with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Siemens TeamCenter, Artemis, PSS, Open Plan, PS8, Oracle and other enterprise applications; to import, analyze, and export schedules.

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