Scenario-based simulation and artificial intelligence technology will enable automated, individualized instruction to improve tactical decision-making

SAN MATEO, CA, Aug. 1, 1997 – Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. today announced the award of a two year $600,000 Phase II contract by the U.S. Navy to develop an intelligent simulation and training system designed to improve the tactical proficiency of naval officers. The new software will complement the Navy’s traditional, classroom-based training by providing tactical action officers (TAOs) with realistic, practice-based instruction and individualized feedback.

The tactical action officer (TAO) is a key decision-maker aboard U.S. warships who controls the ship’s sensors and weapons and directs the movements of the ship and other support vessels and aircraft. The TAO also monitors the movements and actions of friendly and enemy ships, planes, missiles, and submarines in the region. The TAO integrates this information in real time to form a dynamic tactical picture, selects appropriate responses, and issues orders.

The intelligent training software will enable students to act as TAOs in simulations of tactical scenarios. After the student completes each scenario, the software will evaluate the student’s actions to determine tactical principles that the student correctly applied or failed to apply. This evaluation will be carried out using sophisticated pattern-matching algorithms defined by tactical experts via graphical user interface, without programming. The instructor will also be able to define complex behaviors for each friendly and enemy ship and aircraft to create realistic, multi-agent tactical simulations.

“By assessing the students’ performance engaged in simulations, the ITS ensures that they not only possess the necessary knowledge but can apply it appropriately,” says Richard Stottler, president of Stottler Henke. “By simulating scenarios realistically, the ITS provides students with considerable tactical experience at a small fraction of the cost of other training methods.”

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Aug. 1, 1997