Software firm to develop automated evaluation system
for simulation-based combined arms training

SAN MATEO, California, August 2, 2004 – Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. ( has been awarded a contract, valued at approximately $1.5 million, by the U.S. Marine Corps to develop an After Action Intelligent Review System (AAIRS) integrated with the Combined Arms Staff Trainer Upgrade system (CAST UP). AAIRS spots errors during simulated mission execution and aids with the assembly of an after action debriefing. AAIRS represents an unprecedented level of automation for military simulated scenario training.

AAIRS multiplies the effectiveness of the instructors in training the critical task of combined arms, the art of integrating and deconflicting different types of weapons fire (artillery, air- delivered munitions, main tank rounds, etc.) to maximize their effect on the enemy while preserving the safety of our own troops. For example, aircraft delivering munitions must stay outside the minimum safe distance of artillery shells detonating on nearby targets and stay 1000 feet from the trajectories of those and other weapons.

AAIRS capabilities will be a component of the Combined Arms Command and Control Trainer Upgrade System (CACCTUS), that will rely upon the OneSAF Objective System (OOS), a simulation engine and other components of CACCTUS product, according to Nancy Harmon, Program Officer for the Marine Corps Systems Command, Project Management Training Systems. “AAIRS will provide a robust after action capability that does not exist today,” Harmon said.

AAIRS will monitor and evaluate the execution of exercise scenarios in the CACCTUS system, and issue alerts to instructors when possible errors are identified, such as conflicts that might result in “friendly fire” accidents or communication and coordination errors. AAIRS will also provide tools to assist with the construction of After Action Review briefings, including an explanation capability that will describe the communication and coordination errors that led to a mistake.

“The AAIRS project represents a perfect fit for Stottler Henke’s technology expertise and simulation-based military training systems development experience,” Richard Stottler, president of Stottler Henke Associates, said. “It builds on the success of the previous CAST UP prototypes, Stottler Henke’s vast experience using Intelligent Tutoring Systems for real-world applications, and our SimBionic intelligent behavior creation tool.”

Within AAIRS, SimBionic intelligent behaviors are used to spot errors in coordination and communication, to determine what communication and coordination errors and factors contributed to discovered conflicts, and to determine which individuals and groups should receive which information during the after action review.

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August 2, 2004