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Aurora is the world’s leading intelligent planning and scheduling software. Developed originally for NASA, it’s been integrated in with domestic Fortune 100 as well as international companies such as Boeing, Pfizer, Honda, General Dynamics, Spirit Aerosystems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Bombardier, etc. Aurora outperforms conventional software because it encodes human scheduling expertise utilizing artificial intelligence, and the latest mathematical algorithms to perform automatic intelligent resource scheduling. Our goal is to build a seamless integration with Primavera to supply a simplified customer experience.

Aurora increases resource/subcontractor utilization, shortens schedule completion time, and can reduce the cost to the user. When compared to resource leveling, Aurora reduced a turnaround project completion time by 20%. We achieve these improvements on complex problems by applying AI-enabled decision-making rules along with complex constraints and resource requirements.

Aurora will provide the most benefit to projects with a construction value greater than $20M in any phase of work (pre-bid, project start, and on-going).


The following features will be included in the first iteration of the product:

  • Easy integration with Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM
  • Better schedule optimization with resource constraints (scheduled completion time is 20% faster than the P6 Professional resource-leveler)
  • Better schedule optimization with cost constraints
  • Simple user-defined what-if analysis to evaluate the effects of potential changes
  • Optimal staff allocation between different projects (taking into account downtime, ramp-up costs)
  • Monte Carlo analysis to understand project risks

The following is a list of additional features that will be developed in the near future:

  • Simple schedule summarization for client view (don’t have to create 2 separate schedules anymore)
  • A tool to gain subcontractor buy-in and communicate upcoming needs
  • Short term in-line weather/temperature forecast to know impacts and mitigations on upcoming work
  • Long term weather forecast integration to project the number of rain/freezing days to better plan work
  • Program recommended alternatives

Free trial

If you send us a resource-loaded P6 file, we will run it through the Aurora scheduling program and return the optimized schedule at no cost. You can then easily/quickly see the benefit from a single-use case. The current Aurora program will optimize your schedule to complete the work in the shortest time possible, unlock existing resource conflicts, and we will share the processing time with you (so you will know how quickly the program works).

After receiving your optimized scheduling results, you can evaluate the opportunity to join the Beta Program (see below) AND you can use the new optimized schedule for your existing project. This free process will allow you to justify the cost and time investment with the single project ROI.

Beta Program

We are launching a Beta Implementation Program for the Aurora scheduling optimization tool! See the Beta Implementation Program flyer here.

You are invited to join our Beta Implementation Program for one new or on-going construction project with a construction value greater than $20M. Attached is a flyer that provides a high-level overview of the 8-12 week-long Program and below are some of the benefits/opportunities:

  • Optimize scheduling for one test project
  • Reduce costs by increasing equipment and subcontractor utilization
  • Save time by completing projects earlier
  • Create additional time, by freeing up your schedulers to work proactively (i.e. cost/benefit of getting additional equipment)
  • Drive future features (accelerate/decelerate project product simply, weather impacts, progress curve tracking)
  • At the end of the program, you will receive a Program results report that will include your ROI

A few additional details related to our mutual commitment:

  • Target Program kick-off dates are mid-August to late-September
  • Project kick-off meeting with Program installation and user training by a Stottler Henke engineer (in person or virtual)
  • Bi-weekly virtual check-ins
  • End of Program close-out meeting (in person or virtual)
  • Significant discount on the market rate (90%) for a 1-year license
  • We will resource allocate your project for you – includes up to 3 full days working with your team

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