Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. and Collinear Group LLC have announced an agreement whereby Collinear Group will become a Sales Partner for the Aurora™ software suite.  In addition, Collinear Group will support deployment and configuration activities for Stottler Henke and joint customers.

Aurora™ is a planning and scheduling software solution that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology. It uses artificial intelligence technologies to encode and apply extensive scheduling knowledge and rules to perform automatic resource scheduling and has proven results with key customers. Aurora also includes optional support for Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) based on methods and algorithms derived from the Theory of Constraints.

The Collinear Group’s record of excellence has been felt throughout the digital space, thanks to their transparency, communication, and strong relationships with clientele built from their specialties in project management, aerospace systems engineering, software engineering development, program management, and applied analytics. As current business limitations require further development to reach optimal results, the Collinear Group is the logical choice to partner with Stottler Henke for future sales and deployment of Aurora™, the world’s leading intelligent planning and scheduling solution. Ultimately, this new partnership creates a new offering previously not possible, as Stottler Henke’s technological advancement, coupled with the Collinear Group’s focus on solving complex problems, creates unfair competitive advantages for clients. More Info