Video Simbionic

To view this video, please install the Camtasia CODEC software by:

  1. Download the TSCC Codec to your PC’s disk
  2. Executing the codec installation program

Then, view the AVI videos of authoring (3 Mbytes, 4 mins) and running (16 Mbytes, 1 min) intelligent behaviors in the Counterstrike counter-terrorism computer game.

Additional examples of SimBionic in simulation-based intelligent tutoring systems:

  • Navy Tactical Action Officer tutor (12 Mbytes, 15 mins)
    computer-generated forces, student performance assessment
  • Army helicopter flight tutor (33 MBytes, 9 mins)
    student performance assessment, real-time coaching
  • NASA payload operations tutor (13 Mbytes, 5 mins)
    simulated teammates, student performance assessmentIf the video fails to play, right click over the link labelled ‘view the AVI video’ and select menu choice ‘Save Target As…’ or ‘Save Link As…’ to save the AVI file to your disk. Then, use Windows Explorer to open and play the AVI file.