RapID: An Immersive Approach to Intuitive Information Processing and Decision Making

Intuitive decision making is aligned with automatic and unconscious mental processing. Not only are intuitive decisions made quicker, but research indicates that in some contexts, the maker of intuitive decisions consistently arrives at better decisions than those produced through analytical decision-making approaches.

RapID is a psychophysical eye gaze tracking system and novel visual cuing strategies that enables the most highly proficient players to understand situations encountered in immersive training environments. It automatically analyzes the eye gaze pattern data of the most highly proficient players and then uses this data to implicitly encourage less skilled players to attend to the most informative cues in the environment. It simplifies the learning problem by subtly revealing “what experts would attend to” in like situations, and, by utilizing implicit cueing (rather than explicit instruction), RapID builds the foundation of experience that supports intuitive decision making.  

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