The TaskGuide™ software system enables organizations to develop sophisticated applications, called procedures, which retrieve, compute, update, display, and accept information using a step-by-step wizard-like user interface. TaskGuide provides a graphical authoring tool that enables you to create these procedures quickly and easily, without programming. Powerful authoring capabilities enable you to create adaptive procedures that determine which information to present and which questions to ask, depending upon the situation. TaskGuide is modular and extensible. It can be embedded within a larger Java applications or applet, and it can embed Java user interface components and libraries.

TaskGuide procedures can be used to implement diverse types of applications such as:

  • Training tutorials that present information to students, pose questions or problems, and provide tailored hints and feedback. Student performance can be tracked in files or by a SCORM learning management system.
  • Performance support systems such as task aids and decision support systems that guide users through analysis, decision-making, and execution tasks, step-by-step.
  • Training simulations such as branching scenarios that present the current situation in each screen, prompt the student for decision or actions, and branch to the appropriate next situation.
  • Adaptive questionnaires that determine which questions to ask based on previous answers and other available data.
  • Debriefing systems that analyze and discuss the student’s perceptions, decisions, and actions during a simulation-based training or assessment activity. This discussion format enables the software to refine its assessment of the student’s proficiencies, provide instructional feedback, and guide reflection.

Additional Information

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