Detailed Multi-Project Critical Chain Demonstration Video index



00:00 Introduction to Demonstration
00:35 Description of Current States
Summary Projects
1:20 Initial scheduling with safe durations and aggressive durations
1:40 First time scheduling
  Unsuccessful initial scheduling
  Explanation of ‘ambitious projects’
2:38 Resource conflicts
Electrician and Mechanics conflicts
4:00 Set as tracking resources so scheduling system won’t level resources
Reschedule after tracking resources
4:50 Changing each resource to be optimizable
Optimize Resource Usage
5:40 Histogram plot
6:03 Hiding downtime
6:38 Editing Activity in Histogram Plot
7:50 Viewing Gantt Chart
Loading different border color project rule set
9:04 Switching into aggressive mode
9:45 Viewing PERT again
Critical Chain calculated on a per-project basis
10:01 Inserting Buffers
Viewing Feeder buffers in Gantt chart
10:50 Analyze Progress for the first time, Focusing on Dynamic Critical Chain running through the whole factory
11:12 Adding section for Dynamic Critical Chain in Gantt Plot Configuration
12:10 Detailed explanation on Dynamic Critical Chain grouping
14:00 Configuring Label display in Gantt chart
14:53 Criteria for Dynamic Critical Chain priority

Task Priority Report

Finding current highest priority

16:10 Completing first two jobs and analyzing progress
17:02 Viewing Buffer Incursion Report
17:50 Seeing flow of control and dependencies in localized PERT chart
18:50 Looking at Spatial Plot on Project Level
19:06 Loading custom criteria to view field by project
19:55 View Constraint Analysis report to find project bottlenecks
20:48 View Histogram Plot to see resource usage
21:57 Using Gantt Chart to view relationships across projects
22:57 Inter-project “swap offs”
23:45 Linkage of Temporal Relationships between projects