AURORA-CCPM: Clients Leverage Unique Competitive Advantages


Aurora-CCPM enterprise level Critical Chain software is a version of Aurora that includes support for Critical Chain Project Management. Aurora-CCPM provides a unique competitive advantage to clients due to its many unique capabilities. These include:

* Ability to handle short-duration tasks, and to update buffer reports on any timeframe (e.g., once every hour).
* Ability to handle multiple large projects.
* Ability to do forward, backward, and mixed mode scheduling.
* Intelligent scheduling — determine shorter critical chains.
* Ability to leverage knowledge about resource constrained task placement during execution.
* Ability to take variability of tasks in a chain into account in buffer consumption.
* Sophisticated constraints beyond human capabilities — ability to handle physical space constraints, including taking into account the creation and elimination of physical space during the project.
* Flexible deployment, run from cloud or internal cloud; run as a standalone application (Windows, Mac or Linux).
* Ability to easily integrate with other company systems / databases.
* Sophisticated what-if capabilities.