Andrea Stottler

Co-Founder and Director
Andrea co-founded Stottler Henke in 1988 and managed projects and people to build the firm in size, revenue, and technical expertise. More

Dick Stottler

Co-Founder and Director
Dick co-founded Stottler Henke in 1988 as a software company dedicated to providing practical solutions to difficult problems by skillfully drawing upon a large repertoire of AI technologies. More

Rob Richards PhD

Head of Strategy & Business Development
Rob Richards’ responsibilities at Stottler Henke include Strategy and Business Development, including the ongoing commercialization of key Stottler Henke technologies. More

Jim Ong

Group Manager
Jim’s group applies artificial intelligence to development innovative software solutions training, task support, decision support, interactive and automated planning, and data visualization. More

Randy Jensen

Group Manager
Based in the San Mateo office, Randy’s group develops practical applications for intelligent and adaptive training technology, automated communications analysis, behavior modeling, and probabilistic reasoning. More

Jeremy Ludwig PhD

Group Manager
Jeremy’s group focuses on the use of gaming technologies for training and simulation systems and on knowledge representation and reasoning for intelligent user interfaces. More

Annaka Kalton

Aurora Product Architect
Annaka coordinates Aurora scheduling software development and deployment efforts across a wide range of domains. More

Sowmya Ramachandran PhD

Director of Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Passionate innovator and problem solver, Sowmya’s research focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to improve human performance in a broad range of domains such as intelligence analysis, tactical decision-making and troubleshooting of systems. More

Bridge Eimon

Group Manager
Bridge’s group is based in San Mateo and focuses on combining computer vision and machine learning to enhance image processing and image understanding across many different image sensor domains. More