300 Task Example (derived from Boeing data & simplified)


Critical Path


Critical Path     = 76.25+ days           (ignoring resource constraints)



Tue 5/29/07 8:00 AM           to  Mon 8/13/07 4:43 PM


Microsoft Project Resource Leveling results



Tue 5/29/07 8:00 AM           to  10/24/2007 12:14 AM


MS Project 2007   = 147.75 days



Set Actuals to Match Scheduled Results for Use in Aurora for Comparison


If the Tracking Toolbar is not already visible, make it visible via

View Toolbars Tracking


Next select all the lines in the Project (1 through 301),


With all the lines selected, hit the

      Update as scheduled button in the Tracking toolbar.



This will make the

Actual Start & Actual Finish

values match the scheduled Start and Finish times.


Save the file as an XML that will be imported into Aurora.


Aurora Scheduling Results



Aurora            = 102.5 days



MS Project 2007   = 147.75 days


Set Baseline in Aurora


Create a baseline

Utilities Baseline Schedule


Read in MS Project resource scheduled project via XML Execution Update


Add the baseline

File MS Project XML Execution Update



Open Gantt Chart and compare with Snapshot



Display a Gantt Chart

      Display Gantt Chart 



Add the baseline

Gantt Chart Inclusion Compare Snapshot



See the video showing the differences in Gantt chart